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Efficiency in heating and cooling

It provides efficient, low maintenance air cleaning solutions for many applications.

Removes smoke and odor

More than 300 small pollutants effectively eliminate caught fumes and odors.

Provides a healthy working environment

It provides a better and healthier working & accommodation environment for business employees and customers.

To mention the working principle of electrostatic filtering devices;

Electrostatic filtering devices create an electric field (tar, asphalt fog, cold smoke, casting smoke, oil fog, emulsion fog, plastic smoke, printer ink, tire smoke, cooking smoke or fog, welding smoke and oxidation by-product smoke), with air Dust particles and oil droplets and aerosols that form a colloidal mixture are charged and then migrate to the electrode and settle with an opposite charge. Solid and liquid parts are separated from the gas stream and placed in a collector (collecting unit) located behind the ionizer.

Electrostatic filters

Low operating and maintenance costs, as the filter cartridges become saturated, the efficiency of mechanical separators is constantly decreasing. Beds must be replaced. Electrostatic precipitator (hereinafter referred to as ESP) collector can be reused after ultrasonic cleaning
In terms of efficiency, ESP is far ahead of other competitors with a liquidation efficiency of 96-99%.
It is suitable for separating flue gases, oil vapor and other micro dispersed systems or colloidal particles. Mechanical separators can perform this task up to 90% and require a HEPA filter to filter 1 µm particles.
Cost effective due to low power consumption
The best solution to protect and protect the workplace and the natural environment
In the case of circulating air flow, heating also plays a role in saving
It can be operated at low power, which allows a lower power fan to be installed and thus additional energy savings
Nano particle limit 96-99% separation
Their service life is long and has a longer service life for similar jobs compared to mechanical filters. Filters (collector) should be cleaned every six months, no need to throw away!
Easy maintenance
2-year manufacturer’s warranty for the product
Modular system can be expanded later
Applies four-stage filtration from coarser to finer particles
It can be supplemented with additional mechanical attachments, but in this case it is recommended to use a fan with a higher power, taking into account the fineness of the attachment.
Stainless steel powder coating is available in five different colors

In terms of structure: Usually a modular system, several similar units can be placed side by side or on top. The air stream carrying the substance to be separated first passes through a pre-filter which filters coarse contaminants (> 2 µm). It then enters the separator, also known as ionizer, where the processes described above take place (separation of aerosols from 0.6 3m to 3 µm corresponds to filter class F5 (EN 770)). From here you reach the aforementioned collector (collects particles with a size of <0.8 µm. This corresponds to filter class F9 (EN 779). Also, it can be supplemented with additional mechanical filter inserts (filter class H13, HEPA filter), but (96- 99) therefore the placement of the last deposit is optional or negligible!

Electrostatic maintenance service

It is based on the principle of electrostatic precipitation, that is, dirt particles are loaded into an ionizer and then directed to the collector plates in a collector in the electric field.

The pre-filter ensures that coarse particles are stopped beforehand; The particles are then neutralized in the final filter. To ensure electrostatic functionality, it is necessary to regularly protect the devices.

First of all, this means cleaning, because too much dirt on ionizers or collectors can cause a short circuit and thus malfunction of the filter. If the prefilter and the final filter are still very easy to clean, ionizers and collectors offer the user a difficult cleaning task. For functional reasons, the plates in the filter elements are arranged very close to each other; The electrostatic wires in the inonizer are also very thin and sensitive.

Manual cleaning is practically not an issue here; high pressure cleaners are more likely to damage and destroy, and also produce a lot of water that is not suitable for oil removal for disposal as an emulsion. Ultrasonic baths have proven themselves in terms of cleaning performance, but due to the high amount of dirt, they are quite expensive both in terms of initial investment and maintenance. Low pressure hot cleaning devices are a delicate alternative here with 3-8 bar and 95 ° C hot water, oily and greasy dirt can be cleaned without adding chemicals. If necessary, an anti-corrosion cleaner can be added to increase the effectiveness of the system.

Low pressure hot cleaning provides the following advantages to the user;

Very effective even in hard-to-reach places
It does not damage the components, for example no permanent deformation on the collector plates
Due to mobility, the system uses the Machine or filtration system directly, thereby eliminating long travel times and downtimes
Low resource consumption
No special environmental conditions are required.

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Electrostatic Filter ARP-30QA

3000 m3 / s | 823x855x705mm | 36W | 47 KG | Ionization Wire 8 Pieces | Ionization Plate 48 Pieces | Sound Level 0 dB

Electrostatic Filter ARP-40QA

4000 m3 / h | 823x855x705mm | 48W | 58KG | Ionization Wire 12 Pieces | Ionization Plate 71 Pieces | Sound Level 0 dB

Electrostatic Filter ARP-60QA

6000 m3 / h | 823x663x705mm | 70W | 73KG | Ionization Wire 8 Pieces | Ionization Plate 48 Pieces | Sound Level 0 dB

Electrostatic Filter ARP-80QA

8000 m3 / h | 823x855x705mm | 96W | 90KG | Ionization Wire 12 Pieces | Ionization Plate 71 Pieces | Sound Level 0 dB

Electrostatic Filter ARP-120QA

12000 m3 / h | 823x1055x705mm | 132W | 118KG | Ionization Wire 8 Pieces | Ionization Plate 48 Pieces | Sound Level 0 dB

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